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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


4.8lbs and 4" this week.  Not a bad week but not as great as I was hoping.  But how can you be upset with 5 lbs.  I am now at 293.6lbs with a total of 63.4lbs lost.  I have really started to notice that I am not as short of breath doing small things like walking up stairs or carrying in a pile of lumber.  I used to be very winded and would have to take a lot more breaks.  I am noticing an attitude change in myself as well.  I am happier and having a lot more fun with life.  I am just excited to do things now where as in the past I would dread having to work.  I was talking to the Dr. today, we were talking about when was the last time I was under 290.  I realized that it was probably my sophomore year of high school during football season.  I remember being around 270.  It has been a while.    I am realizing that it is very close.  I have noticed the change in how I look at food.  I used to eat fast food at least once a day because it was fast and easy.  Now when I look at fast food I just think of how bad it is for you, which I never thought about before just shoveled it in because I thought my body could "take it,"   I now realize the fast track I was on to my grave.  It is a great feeling to be doing something about my obesity versus just saying I need to lose weight. I would like to thank everyone for being very supportive.  Also I would like to let everyone know that my mom started the same diet back home two weeks ago.  She is doing great so far she has lost 15lbs So I am very proud of her.  It is a great feeling to have so much love and support from friends and family. 


  1. Awesome! Where are the pictures you promised? Keep up the great work!