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Friday, October 21, 2011


Man it was a very rough week.  I was extremely busy this week and skipped some meals and didn't eat hardly anything..... which you would think would be a good thing.  But it is not.  I only lost 2.2lbs this week.  I am very disappointed in myself but I still lost so that is a positive.  It is great to have Dr. Morris to go check in with every week because it is somebody that actually cares about helping you and when you don't do well he is disappointed with you.    It is very nice have that support.  Work is really busy so I am having to make a conscious decision to eat what I am supposed to.  I put on a pair of me jeans yesterday that I was wearing when I started this diet and even with my belt cinched up they were falling off of me. I am hoping this next week is going to be a great one.

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  1. Great work Cody, keep it up! 2.2lbs is a lot more than I lost this week! Certainly learn from this week but do not get down on yourself because you have so much to be proud of. Very few people would have come as far as you have in such a short time. I love you buddy!